Reduce E-commerce Chargeback’s & Increase Sales

Lower the risk for online credit card acceptance.
Learn how to minimize chargeback’s and increase credit card authorization rates.
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We Reduce E-Commerce Chargeback’s

Terms & Conditions
Review Terms & Conditions Policy for E-commerce store’s.
Notifying & responding
Notifying and responding to chargeback’s on time. Save time & money.
PAAY provides consumer authentication. It reduces unnecessary chargebacks and increases payment authorizations for merchants.
Traffic filtering
Review Advanced Fraud Detection Suite helps identify, manage, and prevent suspicious and potentially fraudulent transactions, which can be costly.
E-Commerce stores loss up to 15% of the revenue due to Chargeback’s & fraud.
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Increase Your Authorizations & Lower Your Chargebacks

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“Say goodbye to false declines, say hello to top-line revenue!“

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"Certified by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express PAAY reduces unnecessary chargebacks and increases payment authorizations for merchants."
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How it works

"PAAY makes it simple for merchants to receive all the benefits of 3-D Secure without the shortcomings that typically come along with it. Unlike traditional fraud prevention tools or chargeback mitigation companies, PAAY 's solution provides merchants with a liability shift against fraudulent chargebacks. This means there are no disputes - the chargeback does not hit the merchant account."

Protect your business from E-commerce Fraud